Saturday, September 08, 2007

Poles and Pool Cues

Today was such a beautiful day, that I just had to use my day off and spend it with my family. Well.. "family", minus one because my dad is off up in northern BC in beautiful Fort St. Johns, doing some bridge work, apparently training some guy. I cut my hair down pretty short in the morning, then, around noon, after some AMAZING scrambled eggs that my mom made for me (and when I say amazing, I mean FRICKIN amazing), Judy, my mom and I left for a walk up to the Plateau where this Kid's day festival was going on. There, we ate some Pizza by the slice, which is a rarity, and I bought everyone Gelato of an amazing type. Everyone got white chocolate raspberry gelato.

***If you are sitting at your computer and still haven't had white chocolate raspberry gelato, go get some now. And call me. Because I want to go and get some too.***

It's the flavor that Christine and I were raised on. EVERY time we're up there, and it's there, we get some. *snicker* They've upped their sizes, too! So now I get MORE goodness for the same price! Apparently Esquires (whosaidthat?) is going to be closed down by some loser coffee shop.... Starschmucks -or something like that... and I am very sad. A part of me will die on that day.

So we walked home after we hung around the fire truck and saw a bunch of my co-workers, and left for Polish Days!! We met up with our good family friend, Dorota, and her kids and headed off to Burnaby. In truth, I was very dissappointed by the amount of Polish going on
there. There were some dancers, and food, and Polish girls, so it was awesome. But for pure Polishness, and for what the festival is supposed to be, it was quite a disappointment. I mean, there were MEXICAN dancers there, for Greg's sake! (I refuse to say Pete's sake on account of I don't know Pete)We headed back to Dorota's house, where her son, Alex and I, went to the bakery to pick up some sweets, and then played some Warcraft 3 while chatting up about Star Wars. He's 10.
On the way home, we saw a Ferrari 575M! I was happy.

I get home and get a call from Paul, which leads to us playing pool for a couple hours. We hoped for a couple very cool people to be joining us, but they were detained, so Paul and I had an absolutely awesome time (in my opinion, I am not citing Paul for this one) just talking about anything and everything as Paul trounced me in Pool.

Afterwards, we headed to Kris Schmitds house, where there was a little get together happening (key word: little). Paul and I get there, and everyone is downstairs. We can't hear them, and they can't hear us. The front door was open, so we let ourselves in, and we just chilled on his main floor! We wanted to see how long it would take for Kris to find us up there, and we sat on his couches, ate his pizza, Paul played with his balls, and we played risk while watching his Giant-inch screen TV. It took Kris a half hour to find us, and even then after someone had told him where we were! Paul and I just couldn't help ourselves. It was Paul, Kris, Britt Macduff, Jessy, Erica and her friend and I in the end. And then Britt showed up! I left and slept.

Gawking at the GORGEOUS '69 Camaro SS that was parked ever-so-poorly beside my Sheila.