Sunday, September 09, 2007

I like golf

Today, I got a call from Christine and Nate! Yeah, I know! We talked for a while because they were together, and Nate was just about to leave Christine's to go home. Apparently, Christine found the place where they filmed a scene from her favourite movie, Cool Runnings! It was in her campus' lobby or something like that! I was just thinking how COOL it would be to see a place from your favourite movie!

"OH. MY. GOD! DUDE! This is TOTALLY the inside of the whale from Pinoccio! Dude I've ALWAYS wanted to be at the location of one of my favourite... wait... crap. We're inside a giant whale. Not good."
I met up with Lissa after lunch, and took her to Esquires for the same gelato I bought everyone yesterday. She LOVED the white chocolate raspberry, but she couldn't finish her's because of their giant portions. I finally let her know which pizza place I work at, and we stopped by there for a bit. But then we went to play mini golf! It was SO much fun, as mini golf often is, and she absolutely kicked my ass! We went for a short walk around Lefarge park for a little, watched a bit of a lacrosse practice, and then I drove her home, 'cause she still had homework to do, and had school the next morning.

I stopped by the Treehouse, where Paul had laid out the Scripts for Whispers for all of us. I was fully prepared to find a way to fix 94 pages of script together, but as you can see, Paul already had that taken care of! I was blown away! I started reading it, and then headed off to Chris'.

At Chris' we played stuntman ignition on his 360 until early in the morning. I went on a not-so-wild goose chase to find that game, since it's just been released, and noticed that it cost almost $10 to rent it for 5 days! I don't remember rentals being that much... but maybe that's just 'cause I haven't rented in ... oh... FOREVER. It was a real good game, and the multiplayer was solid. Chris' cousin Darcy kept walloping us with his high scores, but thats 'cause he was always last in the cycle so he got to see the setup, and what not to do, twice.

The way Lissa said "This sucks" when her gum got stuck in her hair. She just said it like a total stoner!