Thursday, September 06, 2007

Be Gone, Wisdom Teeth!

Besides not shaving, and the regular look, I don't think I look that bad...

TOTALLY hopped up on the adrenaline in the 6 shots the dentist gave me! I wanna go biking right now, but the card says not to over-exert myself, and I've kinda gotta go to work soon. Bah! Whatevs. I still have one more tooth to get pulled. I'm gonna go play some star craft right now, and am totally stoked about buying my PS3! Can't wait to get it, but really don't know if I should... I should! :D I should get it ASAP so I have the most time to game before I start school! The money thing really isn't a problem, unlike when Chris bought his Xbox 360 and ended up spending $1200 on it! CRAZYY! I'm not supposed to drink juice any more, and my dentist is actually ENCOURAGING me to drink pop now! WHAT!? I know! It's like Juice apparently has worse sugar in it than pop, but the best thing for me is to just drink milk, water, black coffee or black tea. My life is going to be so boring from now on.