Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well these past days have been AWESOME.

Recap, regroup!

On Friday, Paul and I did some AWESOME Location scouting. We went to Mission (Ilostthegameandthoughtofchristine) then Cultus Lake, THEN Harrison Hot springs. You can check out the awesome video blog Paul made of it.

Saturday: Filmed at Harrison in the morning after an early start, went swimming in Hatzik Lake, with Paul, Spencer, Janet, Jason Pelley, Jason Romein, Katie, Mike Wadell, Kris Schmit, Craig, and Angela, who almost froze to death. Later on, went out for lunch, and due to some forgetfullness on someone's part, we ended up just partying at Kris's house. Oh darn.

Sunday- Chilling with the guys and Playing some Star Wars, Visiting Adrian later to get some games from him.

Monday - Changed my oil... and... GOT MY PS3!!
It's so awesome! I traded in ALL my PS2 Stuff (including 17 games), which amounted to $140. I bought DiRT and Resistance: Fall of Man, in addition to another controller and a Wireless router so I could play online.