Saturday, September 29, 2007

Feels like Christmas

It literally felt like Christmas today. I loved it! In the morning, I cleaned up my room a bit (no easy feat!) because we had company coming over. My Mom was in the kitchen all day today, cooking up beef and MOOSE! Judy and I helped around the kitchen, and set up the table. It smelt SO good all day in the house. I My mom had all this moose meat, and these bones. Apparently she got my sister to get bones from the car. The bones were in a bag, which was in a box. Well, the box fell apart while Judy was carrying it, and all the bones fell out the bottom! Judy screamed her butt off! (apparently. I wasn't there to witness this all. Shame, really.) I went for a trip to IGA, to get bread, and had a chat with Christina. I took a side trip later on to visit Adrienn at work, because I was really interested to see what Beadworks is like! I get there, and everyone working in the store knows me! Deanne is my friend Allison's sister, and Shianne used to be in Lindgberg with me! Crazy! It's a really cool store, actually. I had a blast talking with Adrienn, and she didn't get any work done. Company started showing up at around 6 ish.

First, our family friends showed up, and a few minutes later, Adrienn showed up, right on time! We had a delicious dinner! It all tasted so good! The Moose was delicious, although we all talked so much that by the time we were winding down our meals, our food was already cold! After dinner we had a few great conversations with my family, and snuck off to Roger's video to go rent Napoleon Dynamite. We got snacks and stopped by Plateau Pizza, where we ended up eating wings! The guys talked us into it, what can I say! We busted our heads trying to figure out the puzzles in the 24 newspaper (which were really stupid), and headed back to my place. We had some AMAZING Cheesecake, and watched the movie, which was actually pretty funny. Turns out Adrienn and I are the perfect people to watch that movie. We stayed up real late after that, just talking and laughing. At 6:30, Adrienn left, and I was left with a smile on my face after such an amazing day.
Dancing some wicked Jumpstyles with Adrienn in my underground parking garage. She's really good!