Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wow, Facebook.

I'm done with facebook. For real. I've had it. Sure, it's cool in that it lets you stay in touch with as many people as you want, and it's really cool in that you get anally raped by anyone who wants to take the time and look up your shit. Oh wait, I forgot. That part isn't cool. Paul has been off facebook for quite a while, and he's been advocating for a long time to get other people off. I've always wanted to, I've just been to lazy. Well I just deactivated my account, after serious beating around the bush with it, and I got this screen.
Looks like they're really desperate to keep you hooked. If you clicked any one of those, you get another "suggestion" on why you should keep facebook. Facebook started off as cool in the beginning, when there were more mature people using it to ACTUALLY connect with others. Even this guy had an account. Now it's just another stupid social (note the irony, that you're not REALLY being social if you stay at home) site like Nexopia. I dunno, it's cool for some people, sure. I'm not saying everyone is going to think like I am, I'm just saying that I have no purpose for it. If people want to contact me, then let 'em call... or email.