Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3, DiRT, and a walk

Halo 3 came out. Yes, yes it did. If you've been living under a rock surrounded by walls of inpenetrable force fields on an island encircled with thousands of rampant sharks and vicious birds of prey circling around your abode - which doesn't have any sort of electronic device on it - you STILL would know that Halo 3 is out. So after work yesterday, I went over to Chris Nagle's and we played Halo 3. And boy, did we play.

Mark, Ryan, Chris, Darcy, Nagle, Ian, Brian and I played slayer for a good few hours until we hit a burger run, where we bought 21 burgers and 7 medium fries (now I'm hungry), which came to like $55. They had Baby burgers from A&W, but i still would've opted for fewer good burgers. We started the campaign, with 4-person co-op. The game is awesome. Keeps every bit of goodness from the old games, and improves on it with some uber sweet weapons, like the gravity hammer, and the very-difficult-to-use-but-greg-still-pwns-you-with-it laser. I'm personally not very good at Halo. However I still have a blast.

Something I am good at, is DiRT. It's awesome because your Personal Best time gets updated in comparison to the rest of the worlds' times right away, so you can see how you stack up against the rest of the world. Chris' time, which he tried for 5 hours to get, I managed to beat. I stand 45th in the world. Chris used to stand 145th. Here's a little video. It's bad quality, but DiRT doesn't have a "save replay video" option.

Chris' time: 3:00.37
My time: 2:57.24

After the H-core halo night, which I left at 7:40, I drove Judy to school, after which I slept. For an hour. And then got my wisdom tooth pulled out. 86 fun. I got home, and hung out for a bit until I went for a walk with Adrienn. I've just recently been talking with her a lot, and so we decided it was a good chance to hang out, since she got off school early. She's uber busy with school all the time, so it's rare that we have a chance like this. Even though I had a crazy speech impediment, we had an awesome time, with lots of laughs for a couple hours, until I went to work. It was crazy busy for a Tuesday, but we survived.

UMOTD: Adrienn and I went for a walk around the lake, and I could swear that the ducks were working for the CIA or something. I had to look over my shoulder a lot, just to make sure we were safe.