Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Playstation 3, Part 2

*Due to my PS3's awesomeness, blogging and any text imput is restricted to a certain number of characters. This post continues my previous post.*

So, The PS3.. right. Aside from gaming and Internet, I was going to say, the PS3 is also is amazing in it's capability to play music, review pictures, watch films (yes, I called them films) and store all this on your hard drive! I'm a sucker for gadgets and other geeky things, so when I saw the way the PS3 does slide shows... I was blown away. The pictures appear as if they were on some table and you and your friends were just looking at them casually! It's a very slick touch. The media player is a bit tough to work with, as your music can't be played while you change settings, and, as of yet, I havent' found a quick way to get back to the media player to switch songs or stop them. I have to select a new song and stop THAT one, because that's only when the media player "dashboard" shows up. Late for the party.