Friday, September 28, 2007

Jim the So - called Genius

At a very early 9:00, I was up and at the Treehouse. Paul, Chris, Brian and I were up filming a little video for the BC Hydro Film contest. We did many things, from saw off a prong of a power adapter, to go to Future shop to return Chris' Xbox live membership and complain about Paul's Raincheck, to have Quizno's to drive Nagle's truck around with a bike in the back. The video is called Jim the so-called Genius, and you can see it here.

I sped off to work, apalled by Mark's disgusting spandex. Being a Friday, it was very busy. However, I had a very welcome break when Adrienn visited me at work! Around 10:00 she shows up and joins me on a few more deliveries. There were some really funny drunk people, who wanted to tip me with beer! Of all the times I wish I was walking...

Adrienn and I just hung out, sitting looking at the view for the longest time and just talking. I had such a great time, and didn't really want to go to Ian's house for his shindig. But I went anyways.

Adrienn and I are sitting on the electric box, talking, and we notice a car pull up behind us. We didn't really acknowledge it, and just knew it was there. It stuck around for a while, and eventually I turn around to look at it, after about a couple minutes. It's Darek. My boss. Just being creepy.