Thursday, April 19, 2007

Langara, baby, with a side of pain.

I'm in pain not because of Langara, but I'm still REALLY hurting from when Paul took me boarding. He took me for a double black diamond, and, since I'm not really good... at all.. I had a blast, but fell down a lot.

I took a trip to Langara today, to drop off my audition confirmation. I just planned for a quick trip there, so Paul and I could utilize the beautiful weather and film a little, but it was not so. LOTS of construction.
I was reading the sheets of paper with writing on them that were sent to me by Langara, and I must say I am really really nervous. I am never nervous for anything, really, but for this... oh mamo. It says that they've received 250 applicants across the nation. I thought to myself, that's not bad. But then I read on and it said that they are accepting 32 students. In all of Canada. Of 250. 16 start in september, and 16 in January. I must say I'm really nervous. It also said that students start at 8:30 am, and some classes don't get out until 8:00 pm. It advises strongly for students not to have a job, and says that "we will do our best to allow for students to have a day off on the weekend." Hoof. That will be a huge difference from what I'm used to right now. I'm so excited for it. I really really am going to apply myself to my utmost for this program, ...and to first get accepted into it.