Monday, April 23, 2007

Facebook, MSN and M&Ms

Today is another non- school day :D I love this. It's a Sunday, so It's REAL busy. I had church in the morning, where I THINK I saw Sam Petrin... but I wasn't sure. Y'know that thing where you see someone, but you're not sure if it's them or not? I kinda did that, and looked away shortly after, it was too early in the morning to be all random and stuff. I was just tired. Although I saw Pedram, which was a great thing, because I hadn't seen him since he was on stage! We acted together in "The Importance of Being Earnest" and that was great times.

I am currently on a little website called Facebook, a few of you may have heard of it in passing. It's a "social networking site" as Paul so conveniently calls it. I agree with him, I don't like how so many of us have distanced ourselves through the internet. We choose instead of meeting up with someone, to use a cheap excuse over the internet. That's the reason I don't have MSN. I believe if you want to talk to someone, you should at LEAST call them.... But then we have gChat, and Facebook, which weakens my argument. Whatever. I don't do it chronically :D. I don't like how we're distancing ourselves, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

Oh, here's some pictures from the ride on a couple days ago. I lazy so I don't research the day it was on for you. You look that up yourselves.

So on the subject of M&M's... I was at work today, and in typical Sunday busy-ness, for the last half hour, Alex and I were throwing M&M's into our mouths from across the room. People across the way probably thought we looked insane, because they couldn't see the candy. They could only see us moving back and forth and jumping.