Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So I usually don't post until later in the day, but i just thought I'd shake things up. So I went to the mall this morning, 'cause I need "special" boxers for our filming this week at whistler... which I'm SO stoked for!!! I know I wanted to save money, but I hopped into HMV and I wanted some new ska tunes. I had read about a band called The Cat Empire, and I couldn't find their tracks online to... buy... online... for money *suspicious eyes* and I found them there. And they ROCK! They're up there with Catch 22 for me (who's CD, Keasbey nights, I also bought, because i thought i owed it to them, being my favourite band and all). I've always wanted more stuff that sounds like Catch 22, 'cause they're really upbeat. So I was happy when i popped in The Cat Empire CD. This is one of those Cd's that made me smile from the first moment i started listening to it, just 'cause it's exactly what i was looking for.

Sean just showed me a website called "Encyclopedia dynamica". I haven't really looked deep into it, but it looks real cool on first glance. I want to read into it more, but I don't exactly have time at the moment.

The girl at HMV told me to check out Pandora It's a site where you can find music that vibes just like the stuff you like. You find your favourite artist, and it brings up them as well as stuff that sounds like it, and you can stream it online. I haven't had much time to check this out either :P.