Monday, April 02, 2007

Ferraris, Friut salad and a celebrity

Okay, so Today I'm making pizzas with Darek, and we get a phone call. Person sounds familiar but I don't know exactly who it was, i was more focused on taking their order. So the guy comes in later to pick his pizzas up, and he looks strangely familiar. I overheard him talking about the radio with my boss after he asked me about our chicken wings. He mentioned that Darek should play the Fox, but the reason we don't is 'cause of the reception. And then it clicked. It was Jeff O'Neil from the Fox! Holy crap! I was like: "You're not Jeff O'Neil" jokingly, and he shows his license and I go "You ARE Jeff O'Neil!" and bow down mockingly. I danced around and sang "I made Jeff O'neil's Pizza!" And he sings "I ate Plateau Pizza!" and left. Damn! It was so cool to have a celebrity, and he says that our Pizza is fantastic!! Up yours, Papa Johns!

So I was just eating a friut salad... and I just realised something to be true. How the grapefruit makes every other fruit it's bitch so easily. I mean, I always eat stuff from least favourite to favourite so that it kills off the taste of the bad after i've eaten it. Plus I like to save the best for last. So after I ate all the grapefruit I was eating the pineapples and i realised i could still very much taste the grapefruit. NOO!! The juices infiltrated the other fruit and penetrated their defenses! I realised i could've just left the grapefruit for last. So now all that's left in the bowl for the next person is grapefruit juice, cantalopes and honeydew melons. And two grapes. Which I just ate.

At work i had a blast again. I worked with Darek and we joked a lot. I actually made him laugh a couple times. I think I'm starting to come out of my shell over there. At first I didn't want to 'cause I was worried they would think I was arrogant and such. But now it's good. I couldn't stop talking about Ferraris today. God I can't wait to own one.