Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Naked Bodies. Curves.

...The Title of course, refers to the Cars at the car show, of which I now have obtained pictures of. At the same time, while at Paul's house, we updated the look of our blogs! The link to the full project is here, at Paul's Blog. He's got it all written out, and you can see the old look if you so desire. I just didn't want to write it out since Paul already has!

Now, for the Car show :D

Overall, It was great. I mean, I didn't expect anything revolutionary, I just went to see nice cars. There was also many not so nice cars, as you will soon see. But that's because it's not like it's the Geneva show, or Paris or one of the other big car shows. Those are the major ones where the new models are introduced. Here, highlighted in pictures, is the adventure Paul, his friend Martin and I had.
The Entrance! joy! We saw a lot of un-coolness before we saw this sign.

A very cool cut-away Flat-6 Subaru engine displaying Subaru's new valve - lifting system, and a suzuki that had little suzukis running around on a track throughout it.

A Suzuki that I thought my dad would like: Rally-prepped. And a shiny, sexy Lotus Exige.

And here is something completely unsexy. To your left, you see another pussy hummer. An H...T? A pickup. Hummer. Junk.

To make up for that un-sexiness, here is something extremely on the "OHMYGAWD" side. The new Chevy Camaro Concept car. If Chevrolet doesn't build this, babies will cry.

Also in the sexy category is the new Audi TT and the Jaguar XKR. I wouldn't mind owning both those cars one day. I'm just astounded with how sexy the Audi is! It looks beautiful, and to think they'll be cruising our streets this spring. The picture on the left will have a funny caption soon :D

In extreme sexiness, is the Aston Martin DB8. I think this is one of the sexiest Astons, if not the most powerful. It's stance is just beautiful, and the interior just as beautiful as the DB9's.

Just showing off the Aston's sexy lines. And yes, that IS a Ford GT. I really didn't fancy it because I thought at first it is just like most American cars (Except the Mustang), mass produced and with no soul. However, as I met it in person, I realised the GT does have quite a bit of history and lots of soul. For what it stands for. I guess I needed the Classic Gulf paint job that harkens back to '66. That dual-supercharged V8 must sound beautiful.
This is just a picture collage Paul quickly made. I only did one thing quickly: Realised how much ass he can kick with photoshop and html coding. Damn, Paul.

Then, our trip took a very pleasant turn. We stopped by the Ferrari Dealership on our way home. Much orgasming ensued.

See what I mean?

THAT is the Beautiful Ferrari F430 I was talking about in my last post. Damn... That's a beautiful machine. The 360 is just in the background, in yellow. The guy didn't really deserve that car, though. I could tell

The car under the cover is a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. For some reason Paul was amazed that I could tell it was that even though it was under the cover. The sharp edges of the headlights give it away, and the sportier length and height distinguish it from the 612 Scaglietti. I haven't yet seen one, so i was in shock. I asked the mechanic there who got the job through an apprenticeship, and he said that it was indeed the 599.

Back to the F430. The friendly owner allowed us to take pictures of the interior. I love that man. He defenitely deserves this car.

All in all, the day ended up great. I had a blast with the cars, and the Ferraris were a great end to a great day. Thanks a lot, Paul. The pictures rock!

I don't know why this stuff is underlined all of a sudden.