Monday, April 23, 2007

A thorn in my side... or an entire branch

So This morning I wake up at 10:30, and this is how my morning/afternoon went:

11:15 - Get on bike

11:40 - caught bus

12:15 - Start climbing

12:45 - Climbing

12:46 - ...still climbing

12:55 - Begin Riding down!

1:20 - First bail. Ate it big off a medium - sized launch after looking at it for 20 minutes.

1:30 - Nail the launch :D

1:31 - 3:00 - Have a kick - ass time riding, nailing more than i ever have. Probably my best day riding! I also nailed that Skinny on Dentist, someone had chopped up the log that had fallen on it, and I actually met him! On the trail I met Kyle, and he's real good. Hopefully I'll be at his level one day. :D