Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Smallville and The Birdcage

Yesterday I'm sitting around relaxing after my bike ride, and I get a call from Mr. Kingsland, my old Info Tech Teacher. He calls me to inform me that I have an audition for Smallville! A year ago, we entered a film into the 48 hour quick flick film challenge, with Brian Romein, Brian Tansley, Ali, Steph, Spencer, Adam, and me. We won "Best acting Ensemble" and as a prize we got auditions for smallville.. a year ago. So now, after a year, we finally hear from them, and we're in! On March 3rd I'm going in with the gang to audition! :D Steph, Brian, Brian, Ali and I are going to head down to Vancouver for our auditions, and what's cool is that we got a part of the script to read and prepare! I've been practicing my monologue for Langara and memorized it today. Now all I gotta do is practice. I'm really excited for the audition, and am just imagining what it'd be like to be on smallville! :D

As for the Birdcage, it's a movie I just watched with Robin Williams and Gene Hackman. It's absolutely hillarious, and it's about a gay dance club, and a whole "Meet the Fockers" storyline. Robin shines as he does in any movie, but I was also impressed by Hank Azaria, just because of his hillarious character. He's a gay Guatemalen man, and he just plays a wonderful accent and great mannerisms. They all do a great job.