Sunday, June 03, 2007


I wake up today at Craig's house, after a nice, calm party. I had a good time at his new place just talking to a few of his friends, and even met another Pole! What are the chances? He revealed a lot to me about Polish history.

After mass, It was time for a beach day. I was to meet Christine, Paul and a few others at Buntzen. I got there early, and immediately turned around due to it being full with people up the wazoo. (That's a cool word, Wazoo. *snicker*) So I devised an incredible plan. We would gather at Lafarge lake. No, wait, it gets better! We set up camp on the beach volleyball courts. Where there's sand. These courts were close to the water park where there is water. Those two things, when put together, mean a beach. Case closed. We played netball, which involves these two things:
A Volley-ball Net
And A water bottle. Smaller size than pictured.

Each team throws the bottle back and forth, through the net. If the receiving team catches it, the receiving team gets a point. If they don't, then the throwing team gets a point. There are many rules, and we kept evolving the sport. Eventually, we had everyone shouting a word every time they threw the bottle. THEN it turned into a one-word-story game. Our story was telling about how Jessy sexually touches peanuts... and then it got too complicated so we just shouted words. Drove Paul home after he sampled a white chocolate raspberry gelato from Esquires (alright, who the hell said that!??). He loved it (duh!). Then I spent some time with the folks before driving to Mission to see Krista in her dance recital. She did real good, I was impressed! I couldn't believe she could dance so long on her tiptoes (officially called point). Good job, Babe! She had a good character going, too. On the way home, I was treated to a lightning storm! I love lightning storms. They're so bright.

At one stage of netball, Paul just grunts. No word, like we specifically said. Just a grunt.