Sunday, June 17, 2007


My folks just got back from their little camping trip. I had the house to myself for this whole weekend! I love having the house to myself! I feel so free and independent. AND I get to make a mess. It always seems that I end up making a huge mess, and on the day before the folkses come back, I do a mondo clean of the premesis. I was GOING to pull an all nighter, and play KOTOR all night, 'cause I love that game (and can't wait to be a Jedi), but instead I decided to just get little sleep, rather than no sleep. I always find that worse. I find that if I get no sleep, it's easier for me to go through the day than if I get, say, 3 hours of sleep. But, I did awake on time to detail my dad's car fully, and vacuum the house, both my little gifts for Father's day. When they showed up, we sat around and talked. Mostly about our new cameras, seeing as how my dad bought my mom a new camera, because she's been using this behemoth lately. We did a little test, and I was able to turn my camera on AND off twice before that camera was even open! Then my folks let me know that at that point, it wasn't even ready to take pictures yet! It was still warming up! The ancient Kodak DC 265 is 9 years old, has 1.4 megapixels, cost $1,500 in 1998, and weighs about as much as I did when I was born! My shiny, tasty new Canon SD 1000 has 7.1 megapixels, cost $300, and weights about as much as a safety pin. Just check out the pictures for comparison.

Went to work, and found out that my brakes REALLY squeak something fierce. It's like five midget banshees are riding my brake rotors and squeal whenever they get squished by the pads. Ouch.

NOT procrastinating about washing the car, or vacuuming the house.