Monday, June 11, 2007


It was a family day today. We celebrated my dad's birthday, as well as a Polish national holiday, called Kid's Day! I love Kids Day! It means we get to go out for food or get presents or something. HEY! I'm still a kid! It's allowed! wha? ... what's that? I'm 18?... what's your point? I still get GELATO!
I went kinda nuts with my new camera some more, and found out my folks want to buy one now, too! Crazy copycats!

Work was nuts. Just Alex and I for 3 hours... three busy hours! He got so frustrated! I felt bad for him, 'cause he really didn't have to feel that way! We were doing amazingly as just the two of us. And since my name there is dum-dum... i woulda thought we were doomed! I made a run for spinach to IGA, and right when I got back, Alex tells me to make a spinach supreme! Talk about good timing. I really think Alex shouldn't blame Darek, 'cause it wasn't his fault. I mean, Darek needs some time to himself, too. He's human, even though he owns a pizza shop. A kick-ass, super pizza shop. I think he just was rushed to get to his party. In the end, we didn't even make dough, and I really would've stayed, but, alas, I'm not managment. One day...

My mom made amazing perogies. All from scratch. I ate 24 and 2 pieces of pizza. My dad's record is 20 perogies, before he got sick. AND I'm taller than him! WOOO!!