Wednesday, June 13, 2007

3 is always more fun!

It all started as an orgasm. A large chicken special from Plateau Pizza... I didn't take a picture of the goodness because I was too busy enjoying it. Seriously. That Pizza.. SOOOOO good. We hopped off like little rabbits to watch Dane Cook's most recent movie, Mr. Brooks. It was a real good pshychological thriller.. sychological?... psichological?... it was a good thriller, and it made you think, that's the point I'm trying to convey. I found it awesome that they gave Dane a smaller role, because it was his first non-comedy movie. They must've been like, "Okay, so he wants to try to do some serious acting, but we don't know if he can do it... Let's give him a smaller role, and see how he does." I must say he did really well! I was impressed with his ability to NOT over - act. That's something I'm trying to do personally. However, Christine and I couldn't help but giggle at in-opportune times, just because he's such a comic, and we kept linking up things he said in the movie to things he's done in his comedic past. "AAah Dane Cook is such a silly little bitch." Christine was able to slip in the most funniest way that I've ever seen someone fall while we were at the theatre. It was as if it was in slow motion! I was almost worried for her...

From the theatre, we headed straight to Improv, where we met up with a bunch of friends, and had a great time laughing. The show was great, and they did a skit about the eleventh commandment which is, officially, "Though shall not drive a Kia" *spits*. Paul fooled around with my camera quite a bit, and discovered some things that I hadn't known, like that there's a color swap, and a time lapse mode! :D We re-filmed a little of dafidility :D Krista came by, and it was cool to see here there. All in all, another AWESOME day! :D

UMOTD (Uber-moment-of-the-day for all you newcomers!):
Paul wanted to leave his sweater in the car, so he goes, "oh, I wanna actually leave this in the car". I'm standing with Christine, say, "Go ahead". "Oh, it's not locked?" says Paul. I don't say anything while he walks back to the car. Before he even gets there Christine and I just break out laughing.