Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Lazy Sunday

Well today was cool. I mean, I didn't do much. I went to church, where the priest rocks. He's Polish! And his accent always keeps me on my toes, keeps the mass fresh while at the same time letting me chuckle at his Polishness. I get back home, edited the Mr. Ben's Donair ad until my folks came home, and then we were going to do something, but they all just fell asleep! I played Star wars Trivial Pursuit with my sister and her friend for a little bit, 'cause they were bored, and I I knew all the answers except one. I can't wait to ACTUALLY play that game with my friends. After my sis' friend went home, we all went for a little walk. It's become somewhat of a novelty, having me home, because I'm never around. I'm working by the time they get back from work, and I get home when they're sleeping. They leave for work while I'm still in bed, so we never see eachother anymore. That's alright, because I'm sure we'll see enough of eachother in Poland.

At work, the wait for Amber court still continues. I realised that I haven't told this story on my blog yet. Well, here goes. I don't know when the first time was, but a couple months ago I went to this delivery on a street on the Plateau. The door, unexpectedly, is answered by this stunning, absolutely beautiful girl. I think inside my head, "Okay, you totally gotta say something smooth, make her laugh." Well, I totally froze up. I made her chuckle a little, but in the end, settled on the fact that she's way out of my league. I get back, and tell all the guys, "Whoa! Okay, I got dibs on any delivery going to Amber court!" And so they were cool with that. One day, I'm at home, and get a call from Darek. He's telling me that Amber court called, and that she wants me to deliver! Apparently, she thinks I'm something special, and wants me to deliver to her again! It kept happening, and I kept missing her. Well a few times, I did see her, and we talked a bit, but nothing serious. I'm finding out from Kat, who works with me and is her friend, that she still has the hots for me, and thinks Sheila is cute! So, the guys have a LOT of material to use on me if they ever get bored of making fun of "Dum-Dum".

Oh, and P.S. I still giggle every time I ignite my saber. *giggles.


The plateau was completely dark today! Yet the sky was totally bright! I was SO hoping that a giant spaceship was blocking out the sun, and we were getting attacked by aliens! That would've been so cool! ...and I had a dream that Darth Vader was taking over the country.