Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging via DS!

Okay, so I HAD a post going, but I lost connection. ...actually, the reason is more embarassing than that. So I bought an internet browser for my DS, because I thought it'd be really wicked if I could browse teh internets from practically anywhere, using only my small DS when I'm in Poland! It'd be so cool to be able to still have connection with all my friends and the non-Polish world. All I have to do is steal wireless internet when I'm there. So I took a little trip in Sheila to try it out. I was venturing everywhere to see how this wireless works, and thought it'd be real cool to make a post from somewhere OTHER than a computer. I consulted Paul's map for hints, and in the end, only Blenz worked. I had a post going, all excited and stuff... the only thing that was wrong, was that it didn't have a "publish post" button. yeeeah.... I figured that out later, after I'd strained myself to write out everything by tapping the stylus on the touchscreen. I'mmmmm dumb. I shall investigate with Paul's help sometime soon on using my internet better good.