Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day of the Donair

Oh mamo...
Paul, Christine and Craig have all been raving about these things... and today... I lost my virginity... to them. I loved them so much, that I had two. I. Love. This. Man. Mr Ben is amazing at his craft. I can't wait to go back. My day started simply with a subtle wake up by my sister at 8. I don't even remember what we talked about, as that's often the case with early-morning conversations for me. If someone talks to me within 30 seconds of me waking up, I feel like I'm drunk because the details of the conversation are never clear to me. Anyways, an INSTANT after that, I explode into sleep again, and wake up at 1:00 and desire to go somewhere out for lunch/dinner. I detailed Sheila fully -and she looks and smells beautiful- and called Paul to see if he wanted to grab sushi with me at a place just up the street. Well, I get a call from Jay not shortly after, and before I know it, Jay, Ray, Chris, Craig and I are at Mr. Ben's Donair, eating scrumptious orgasm-ness. I loved it so much I had two! After we drop Jay off at the skytrain so he can get off to his photo class at Langara *exctatic snicker*, we're rounding the corner, and there's a beautiful, mint '59 Corvette! I didn't get a picture of it, because we moved too fast, but I did get a picture of this! It's a blue caboose! I know! The day just kept getting better! I hung around with the folks for a bit, and caught up with Christine, who had an equally awesome day. She rapelled 80 feet down from a chairlift! I'm using bold way too much. Then, I met up with Marcela, Mark, Kaitlyn, Angela, Larry, Matt, and Chris at the theatre to catch Ocean's 13, and we had a blasty blast over there! I had such a great time seeing them all again. They want to have a going away party for me, for when I go to Poland, even though I'm only gone for a month and a half... but that's fine with me! Reason to party!
Having a race at sliding down the banisters with Matt! ... He won only 'cause he took steroids.