Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scrapping in The woods

Woke up and made sandwiches with Paul, Christine and Megan. They had a crazy cheese on them, prusciotto... prisciutto.. pri Italian ham and asparagus! I know! Asparagus? On a sandwich!? CRAZY town! Jason showed me some cool miniatures, and said that they'd be getting some star wars ones soon. We were gonna go look at motorbikes with Paul and Megan, because Pauls' thinking of getting one! Like a day old addiction, and he already wants one. Apparently, Christine let him ride hers... heh... in his pants. *snicker* So Christine and I leave for North Van, she needed some company 'cause she didn't want to be stuck in regular traffic, she wanted to be in the HOV lane for VIPs. We saved a lot of time. We did the Mexican runaround twice in the tunnel! ...We got honked at, and totally annoyed this one car. I visited Krista, and then went to Paul's to film a little. It was our first trial filming something with our new and improved, intense group, "Raised By Monkeys". We were missing Jason Pelley, but he was away at some big-guy meeting, so it's alright. Mark, Chris, Paul, Craig and I filmed a little scrap in the forest. MANY inappropriate comments resulted as Chris and I fought. I actually punched him... um.. by accident... yeah.. *smiles innocently*. It worked well, this new system of command we've got. Mark took direction from Paul while working the camera, and Paul whipped us all into shape. After, was Dewy's where we debreifed over two dollar burgers and while being distracted by the gorgeous girls on the TV. Oh how I love the speed channel.

Here's a short little Video Blog I put together about the day! I promise, it's short this time!

Me: "I bet you that's the guy"
Christine: "No, he's here too early"
Me: "What about that guy?"
Christine: "That's the same guy"
Chrstine:"...That was totally the guy"
Me: "That was SO the guy, I SO told you"