Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A bunch of monkeys becoming better monkeys.

This was a great day. I felt something I hadn't felt in a long time. I felt like I was doing something important. Something meaningful. That I was part of something that is big. The last time I felt this way was doing little acting bits with Chris, at school. But that wasn't this organised. I mean, Chris and I were lucky to even get the location booked, and our props set up. "A cage from two baskets? It'll never work!"

We had a great film meeting today, at the treehouse (that's what I'm calling your place now, Paul. Since we're "monkeys"). It was a real camaraderie. I felt like I was part of something. Like what we were doing and discussing was really going to happen. I feel bigger things coming on for all of us. One day soon, guys, WE will be "those guys on youtube", and conquer the internet we shall! Then... the world! But we have to stop for snacks! I felt very part of the group, even though I don't have much to offer. I mean, all I can do is be an actor! Everyone else has so many more substantial skills! I mean, even Chris and Jay, the other actors, come up with great ideas that I seem to be lacking. But, I guess that's just my place, and I have to deal with it for now, and flex my other muscles to advance. I want to be better every time, and each time we're together, along with being excited about the current project, I'm always uber stoked for what the future will bring. And for dinner. I just really feel like I'm not giving enough. Hopefully, I can work on smiling, and I'll be able to keep giving a warm, fuzzy vibe to the group. Thanks, guys!

I saw my family at dinner. I decided to stay instead of running over to the treehouse early. Being late was worth family time by far. We had chicken. I loved it.