Thursday, March 29, 2007

Posting again!

Alright, everyone!

I'm back to Blogger. Now it's just going to be for kicks. No funny business at all. None. Zip. Zipper. Zigatoni. That would be a cool name for a pasta! Zigatoni... I think some italian should make that. Make it look like little letter Z's.

ANYWAYS back to blogger. I'm on, i'm going to try to kick it into high gear like Paul.
See! I even made a link! I'm so much better than Paul. ... at Blogging. and eating apples.

I can eat a whole apple, and Paul cannot. that's one of the things i learnt over the past 38 HOURS as Paul and I worked on the Lego Millenium Falcon stop-motion movie.
THE most EPIC Lego stop motion movie. Go get it from Paul here, 'cause I'm too lazy to do THAT much linking. Gorrila.

We had a blast, and I need pictures, Paul. We filmed a little, and even did a little side - project, where we assembled the falcon at light speed.

So tomorrow i'm totally stoked because I'm planning to go Biking!! :D woo!! I can't wait. It's going to be sunny out tomorrow, so i'm so there! I used up the sun to be cool and do a Lego stop-motion. so silence, mortals! But yeah, i'm going to practice some skinnies and maybe do a huge drop i'm looking at. huge for me, because it's like only 9 feet, but that's huge for me. so wish me luck! and onwards to tomorrow!:D