Thursday, March 29, 2007

A sunny day and practice for a play

Alright, so today went great. I DID get to go biking! It was real nice outside so i took full advantage of that and got out on my bike. I only did some urban riding like i said i would. The skinny was way too tough, i'm going to keep trying it. I must've tried it a thousand times, and i started to get tired so i just headed home. I was real discouraged at that point, because i've never been a real courageous one on my bike. I just ride for fun, and have a blast at it. So I was riding down the hill, kinda bummed, and I came upon this drop. It wasn't the 9 footer i was thinking of, but I was TOTALLY scared to do it. so I vowed to myself that I wouldn't go home until i did it. I kept riding up to the edge and just stopping. I started to get kinda peeved at myself because I was being such a wuss. However, there was a lady biking that kept telling me not to do it, to wait for another day, so that's when i knew i had to do it. I was up there for what seemed like hours, and eventually I nailed it. It felt sooo good, and by that point i had psyched myself out so bad that i don't think i could've handled more adrenaline. I was really scared to tell you the truth. It was a 6 footer to flat, concrete, but it was slanted down quite a ways, so that's what scared me, 'cause I've never done a roll-off like that before. I had some good speed, too, which I never have when doing drops, so it felt great. I had to do it again, and nailed it then, too. I completely collapsed on the ground there. I was real happy. I was on such a high that I hit another one right away, a different one, which was almost 7 feet, so i was doing great. I had a blast. I sometimes forget what a blast I have on my bike. Everything is right when i'm riding, even if it's just on the street for a couplel minuites. I love my bike. Hopefully my director doesn't read this, 'cause he'll get mad that i'm biking!

That's what I did later that day. I went to play practice where we had an italian run. It's just a quick run of the show. I did good but was starting to feel kinda sick at the end. But we had some laughs and I felt much better. Now I'm really going to hit the hay early. I'm probably going to bike tomorrow:D.