Friday, May 25, 2007

I just shaved

...and damn, does it feel weird! My chin is cold, no joke. It looks kinda weird, too, just because I made the goatee work for me for the time that I had it. I prefer this, 'cause the amount of hair that was on my face... whoa. Woke up today, put on boxers over top of my pants and went downstairs. My folks were talking about Poland, which I am TOTALLY stoked for. I cannot wait to see all my 16 first cousins, and the rest of the extended family. I was explaining to Krista this morning that it's going to be strange, because everyone knows us. We were the family to move out of the country and adventure into the great beyond that is Canada. They all know us. I, however, haven't met anyone since I was three years old. I think I'm an uncle. It's gonna rock, though, 'cause when my mom went there 3 years ago, she had a feast everywhere she went. So I expect none less. I'm gonna come back like this. We leave on July 10th, and get back on August 20th, and we don't have a plan other than: go to Poland.

I brought Krista lunch today. Took me forever to find her work, though, 'cause I couldn't remember exactly what it was called, so I thought I'd browse the storefronts until something looked familiar. Finally, I found it and found that she'd already gone for lunch! However, she was still in the building, so we went out to the park and I just had the sandwich instead. It was great, we just sat in the sun and talked. It was real good to see her.

Wondering if eagles play the squish-your-head-from-a-distance game with Krista while lying on the grass, except that the eagles pretend to eat things. Krista said that it would pretend to eat a truck and joke that it wouldn't digest well.