Thursday, May 10, 2007

Snowboarding. In Whistler. In May.

Christine and Paul showed up at my house around 7:15, and we left. Much hilarity ensued along the highway, as I waved excitedly at the other drivers we passed. We got there and bought 3 disposable cameras: 1 for each of us, because we wanted to kick it oldschool as well as having something to remember this trip by. By the second run, on such a beautiful day, Christine and I ditched our Jackets, and I ditched my shirt for one run! It was surprisingly warm, and I didn't get too cold while boarding down really really fast. Christine was having some difficulty with her ankle, which she thinks she broke, but it ended up being just the bandage around it being too tight! In the end, she said snowboarding cured her foot! :D We had so much fun - hitting jumps (which even I did), falling over, and having small snowball fights in the slightly slushy snow. It was easy boarding when it was slushy, 'cause it was harder to catch an edge. I really think it was better for me, as I'm not as pro as Paul or Christine. There was one point, where Paul and I are waiting at the lodge for Christine, and Paul went to lean against a board rack, and slips, and does a classic clumsy stumble. I laughed so loud that people around us stared 'cause Paul recovered so quickly. THEN, right after that, Christine tries to slide on her knees in the snow and take a picture, but she ends up falling flat on her face! AGAIN I laughed my butt off.

We couldn't get over it that it was MAY and we were boarding! We kept smiling and shaking our heads at the beautiful place that is Whistler. I absolutely love Whistler. I could live there. In the summer - Biking, and in the winter - boarding. There was one moment in particular where we just felt so lucky to be alive. We went to the very top of Whistler. I mean the very top. Just check out this wicked picture! We just stood there and took it all in. It really put a cap on our day.

After that, we boarded down the last time, and down to the village, where we ate... yes, even I, ate. It's official, I am off my detox diet. I ended it yesterday. Thursday, May 10th, 2007 at approximately 5:55 pm. I was feeling really tired all day, and Paul and Christine started getting concerned for my health because there was no color in my face. So I dug into some poutine. Paul and I learned that we PROBABLY should've gotten help from our doctors.. or at least let them advise us. Because what we were doing was purely a willpower thing. I was amazed at how long I lasted, though. I was probably missing some vital nutrients, and it was, in hindsight, a good thing I quit. Later on, we went to Plateau Pizza for a large chicken special, because that's what I had been craving for so long. It was SO good to get real food in me again. After we dropped off Christine, I went to see Steph where we watched Chronicles of Riddick. The slideshow should be up soon.

Driving away from a quick stop at my house, we saw my mom. At this point, I had pizza in my hand, and I just yelled, "Hi Mom, bye Mom!" and all I hear back as she disappears behind us as we drive by is "You're eating Pizza!?!"

...made by Paul

A GREAT day.