Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gaming Again!

Heh heh... Time to game.

I finally have a free day where I can sit down, and play an uber amount of video games. It's not too nice out, so I also don't feel guilty about not going outside to ride. I just feel like sitting down and playing a LOT. I currently have a number of video games in progress, and I want to work through them all. I really like finishing games, if they're not insanely difficult to finish, like Gran Turismo 4 is. To finish that, I'd probably have to live twice. And a half. Here's to cloning!

I plan to finish these games... in kind of this order:

  1. God of War - PS2
  2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - N64
  3. Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter - N64
  4. Super Mario 64 DS - DS
  5. Elite Beat Agents - DS
  6. Mech Assault: Phantom War - DS
  7. Colin McRae Rally 3 - PS2
  8. I-Ninja - PS2
  9. Burnout Revenge - PS2
  10. Need For Speed Carbon - PS2
In other news, I filled my car up with plus gas at the Mohawk. 90 octane for the first time. I wanted to treat my car, and see if it changed the pinging coming from using gas from Petro Canada. So far, Sheila is running very smooth, and I'm hoping that Mohawk gas isn't sludge. I trust Chevron and Petro Canada, mostly because Chevron has Techron, but Mohawk is so much cheaper, so I'm wondering if they just get cheap prices due to no marketing, or because it's sludge. Time and research will tell.

Went to see The Invisible with Brian. Good movie. I thought it had a great moral and story to it. Still not as good as Hot Fuzz, though.