Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So my dad and I switched cars today, to fix a problem with Sheila's exhaust. My dad knows a guy, and thought that if he took Sheila in personally, he could get some magic worked out. We thought it was a hole in the exhaust, and it turned out to be in the resonator. Now, me, I'm one for a great sounding engine: the louder the better. So my dad was in there and the guy tells him that my car will be the same, sound nicer, it'll just be a little louder. My dad said that I'd probably like that. I do! I love it! Sheila sounds so sexy right now! Driving Sabrina (my dad's Suzuki Sidekick) again was a real challenge all of a sudden! She's so different than my baby! She's so much taller, the gears are stiffer, and she has power steering! It took so much getting used to. I drove me and Alex to get all you can eat sushi. We were there for a whole hour just eating! We got the menu and ticked practically everything off! Then we had seconds! I was real full after. I had nigiri for the first time, and I loved it.

That night was spent mostly at the Romeins' with Chris where we filmed some stuff. It should be up pretty soon.

Seeing Michelle at sushi, and meeting her beau who has a very tough handshake, and makes me feel like a wimp.