Thursday, May 24, 2007

Le Chief

So I'm typing this with my right hand slightly handicapped, being wrapped up in a bandage and all. Although I write after an absolutely awesome day! I've wrapped my hand up to be able to actually use it. Shifting gears takes a hand to do, if you didn't know. This morning I picked up Jason and Paul, and set off for the chief! I get there 15 minutes late, and Paul was still asleep! Probably resting up after our Whistler biking trip. Jason showed me Starcraft 2 gameplay footage, showcasing some amazing new protoss units and abilities, while we let Paul wake up. At 9:50 we were off. After stopping to buy lunch, we were off on the chief. It's always been my dream to hike up to the very top, just because it's such an iconic goliath as you pass through Squamish. I want to be able to say, "I was up there". I didn't expect any less from Paul in regards to hiking skills. Him and I are on a pretty even level, considering the amount of hiking we both do. I used to hike all the time with my family, every summer, and we would tackle great feats, such as angel's landing in Zion national park in Utah. However, I hadn't been in such a long time, so I wasn't surprised that Paul had a slight edge over me. The view was unbelievable! A full 360 degree view of beauty. We made some chipmunk friends, jumped in puddles, and made gay-looking jump pictures. After all that was done, we progressed back down, where i was a little over-ambitious with a certain descent and started to slide down, but stopped myself by slamming my big boots onto a rock wall. It looked so slick. Paul found a pickaxe, and I spent half a tank of gas to get us 260 km.

After I rested up and showered, I went to Improv for the second time in a row! I loved it, it was absolutely hillarious, as usual! Russ was politically incorrect again, and Graham played a girl who wanted to have crab-sex with Russ the surfer. I met up with Krista at 8:30, and she had some of my bailey's cake. We got some kids to get us water by saving their seats. After, her and I went to her place, where I saw all her little kittens. Roxy, Chubby, Scuzzy and Mouse. We played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, and I was kicking her butt until she was "too tired" to go on. :D Sure, babe. Sure. I gave her a massage, and cashed my check later that night, realising I was poor. I later realised, during a late-night reflective walk, that I didn't care, because my life is amazing, and I am so fortunate to have the life I lead.


Paul, Jay and I gawking at the view, saying that it couldn't get any better, and Jay pipes up, "Hey, is that a nudist colony?"