Thursday, May 03, 2007

Green, Anyone?

I just read something so ridiculous that I had to post about it. I was just on the Road&Track website, and I chose to read an article entitled Climate Change, CO2 and the Automobile because I didn't want to be ignorant as to what our cars were doing to the environment. And because I was interested. What I read was shocking. The whole time this man, Dennis Siminaitis, was playing the blame game as to why our beautiful earth is becoming hotter and wetter. What shocked me is he pointed his finger at the earth itself! I couldn't believe it. The whole time he was saying that it is climate itself that is changing the world, and how environment has always been changing, coming out of ice ages and altering the planet. It was as if the whole time he was trying to not mention cars at all, despite the name of the article. I was just shocked the whole time as he was trying to condemn our planet for its own suffering! When he eventually got to the last page of the article, he finally mentioned the automobile. And don't get me wrong, I love cars, but I also do believe that they're ruining the planet. (Kinda hypocritical, eh?) He tread so lightly, and was so careful with what he said it was almost comical. He mentioned constantly that cars are being developed with better fuel economy, and actually said that cars shouldn't be re thought or eliminated, which is usually the result of many research reports, but instead should be "replaced by cars averaging 47 mpg and driven the same average distance" So instead of driving less, all we have to do is not drive Hummers. No consideration at all to reducing the use of the automobile or alternative methods of transportation, just using a different car. It's as if the whole time this article reeked of the smell of the automotive company's need for a paycheck. And I don't doubt that's exactly what Dennis was thinking. Thanks, Dennis. Now don't NOT huff gas... just huff it more efficiently.