Thursday, May 03, 2007

Smallville - Audition completed.

So I returned from North Van today with Brian, Steph and Larry, after a great audition. We got there nice and early, and Heather, the nice lady at the front, greeted us. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. I mean, this could be the start of something big! I couldn't wait to get in there. And once I did, I had a great time. It just came to me. They said I made some good choices in what I did, and I liked what I did also. They asked me to do three scenes instead of one, and that could potentially be very good. I hate to make it seem like this, but Brian was actually my competition today. He said that last night, while we partied, He wanted me to be out of my game today, which was .. kind of malicious, but I understand where he was coming from, but I don't want my dream to come between my friends. Today, however, I saw that it isn't. I completely forgot to give them my headshot and resume, but it might not be that bad. Now I cannot wait to hear back from them. One week, and then I find out if I got it or not. Supposedly there was just me and Brian auditioning for now, and if they didn't like what they saw, then they'll search elsewhere. Hopefully I showed them what they wanted to see.