Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Studio 58 Audition - ness

Alright, so yesterday I went in for my audition for the Studio 58 Theatre program up at Langara College. I felt really relaxed, and just told myself that I was going to do my best and that would be that. When the group started doing group auditions, like group improv stuff, then I started to get worried. However, I still kept my cool and just enjoyed myself to the fullest. The Directors said that they were looking for people who enjoy acting, and I'm pretty sure I enjoy myself to the max when I'm acting. It's only my passion. So a lot of the group were doing really well, and I saw their skills and talents, and a lot of them were really great. But then, we went in individually in front of the judges, and performed our monologues. Mine went spectacular! It was one of the best auditions I had done in a while, and I could say that I was really in my element. I think the judges could really see my passion for the art and were happy with what I did. Or so I think. I'm pretty confident that I made an impression on them that is of the awesomeness. FOR SPARTA!