Saturday, May 05, 2007

Detox: Day 3


I almost cracked today. I was working, and the guys had just pulled out a mistake pizza out of the oven. A pizza that we're allowed to eat. Not me, though. I was strong. I persevered. And I drank my water. The last two days, I've woken up really tired. I thought it was lack of sleep last night, 'cause I only got 6 hours, but the night before, I had 10. It's just 'cause my body has considerably less food to work with, and hence, I'm tired. Paul is doing well, too, though, and he's persevering as I am.

I have decided that the day we're finished, I'm going to have a large chicken special pizza with Paul. It's our best pizza, and I have a little party every time I make one. And something more everytime I eat one! Wow. That's all I can say about it. Jalepeno sauce, Chicken, Italian Capicollo, Tomatoes and Bacon. THE best pizza around. We made 4 today, and I was THIS close to eating one. > || I persevered, though. In other news, At work, I had two deliveries to friends. I delivered to Elena's house, who played my daughter in Fiddler on the roof. Her mom was there, though. And My friend Sara's house, where she and Ashley were working diligently on some socials project. It was like a little party at Sara's house. It was really great to see both of them, 'cause I missed them. Ashley had done my makeup during Fiddler, which was a great blast.

I went to Steph's house today :D We had a lot of fun watching smallvile. I'm so addicted to that show now. Thanks to her. While we were there, Nate called me from Edmonton-ish! He just bought a new car! A '99 Civic. I'm so stoked to see Casi! AND he left the worlds' funniest comment on my blog.