Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Imrpov-okee after pasta. The best dessert.

Today was such a Star Wars day. In the morning, after I drove my sister to school, I played some star wars games, and watched The Empire Strikes back. It was probably because a few days ago I had found all that Star Wars stuff. I then continued to play some games, and got a few shirts in the mail! I'll be sure to post pictures of them as soon as I'm caught wearing clothing. Shouldn't be any time soon. Then Krista came by and we lay on the grass in the sun for a while before going to Pasta Polo. We had some amazing meals, and I actually packaged up what little I had left, because I didn't want Krista to sit there watching me eat forever! We left there to go to Improv, and had a blast there. I got there, and when graham asked the audience who signed up for improv-okee, and I didn't put up my hand, Russ looks over at me angrily. I told him I forgot we had to sign up, so he goes to the sheet, telling me he signed me up for every game that had a blank beside it. I did 99 blanks, which is my weakest game, and I actually didn't do too bad! I was actually glad with what I did, and the choices I made. Next time I want to play a more energetic game, though. Then Krista and I went to sit and watch the sun go down.

Jumping the fence to the Westwood Plateau golf course to sit on the grass, and feeling like a fugitive.