Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rotation and the red light of death

Just came back from the garage, after rotating my tires and getting rid of the red light of death, pictured here. When I first got Sheila, The light would go off at random times, usually when I took a turn too hard. I didn't have my e-brake on, but it still would flicker on. I thought it was something to do with centrifugal force, and didn't think much of it. However, my dad saw it, and him, being a genius, told me that it was due to low brake fluid, or worn brake pads. The fluid was just on the minimum, so I took the chance to look at my pads and notice that they were fine, so I just added some fluid, and now everything works fine! Now, I'm just sitting down to play some Star Wars: Republic Commando with my sister before going to work.

At the breakfast table, my dad and I were eating and Judy was between us. She was falling over to my dad's side, pretending, and my dad would catch her. Then she leaned over to my side and just didn't try to stop her. I actually made my dad laugh! :D