Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Detox: Day 7

The Hump

I'm halfway there. I'm enduring, even though Paul has dropped out due to calcium defficiency. HE usually drinks uber amounts of milk each day, and so once he cut that off, his body screamed, and keeled over. He got pretty sick, but he's better now. He stopped yesterday, and with good reason. I'm glad he is back in his normality. I usually eat a LOT of food, as most people know, and having that cut out makes my body go "Where the hell did all the food go!?!" The result is I'm tired easily, and don't have much energy. But after the news that I'm in the Langara Theatre program (!) and with Steph at my side, I've got tons of energy.

Today, I bought a whole lot of stuff for my car, using my experience as a Detail boy at Coquitlam Chrysler over the summer. I bought streak away for the windows, detail cloths, all-purpose cleaner, and a scrub brush. I took this morning to go shopping for groceries, and also to change my oil. I was planning on washing Sheila too, but Christine showed up, and we had a blast! With the sun out so beautifully, we had soup, and then went to Sushi Turn House where we had a fun time pretending the Chopsticks were lazer turrets from Star Wars. We played some traditional Burnout Revenge before Christine had to go, and before I went to work, where I made the most tips ever! All in all, a great day. I came home tonight to talk with my parents and spend a little time with them. We talked about how excited we are for our trip to Poland in July. I'm just invisioning our trip and how much fun it's going to be. 5 weeks is going to be amazing!

In other news, after 11 days of NOT working on my video blog, and one day of actually working on it, you can find it here. :D enjoy.

I've decided to add a Most Memorable Moment to my blog. Each time I post, I will post the most memorable moment I have that day. As I'm becoming an even more hardcore blogger, my plan to use this as a journal is coming to fruition. So, to help me remember things as I look back on this blog, I will try my best to post a MMM for that day. I will call it the.. UBER MOMENT OF THE DAY! The UMOTD!

Laughing my butt off as Darek said something completely inappropriate in Polish. I'll only say that it was something about a mouse... and some holes... and a cat.