Saturday, August 05, 2006


Well... Phew...

What a Day....

One of my real good friends, Nate, Just shipped off to Join the military... I won't see him for a good 6 months, he says. I am scared, even though he doesn't go into action just yet. However, I know he will, eventually. He really likes to do this stuff, and hes' been doing military - related things for a long time. So I know he's going to strive to become something big in that field. He sure has potential, and has the guts for it... and moreover, he loves it.

The whole time, when we were at the airport, It felt like i was going to see him before I knew it... However, when we got to the gate, the true feelings shone through. You know how everyone hides what they're really feeling... well it is one of those small moments of truth when everyone just lets it all go. It's like they all want this person to know how they feel because they feel themselves like they won't see them ever again. So it's like they feel they owe it to the person to tell them the truth.

I really started to cry when I noticed another moment of truth. A beam of light shining through the shrouds. I saw two brothers connect. Nate and his brother Ray don't usually hang out much. I mean, whenever I see the two together, they're like just "oh cool, so hes' there, whatever." And typical brother stuff. Stuff like, "oh i'm too cool to show that I really love my brother, who's my own flesh and blood". However, when Nate was leaving, he handed his brother a small wooden box. And, In that moment, they connnected. It was as if both of them were saying, out loud, "I love you, and there ain't a goddamned thing you can do about it. I know you've known it, but here's me admitting out loud that I do." Call me extremely sentimental, but It touched me a LOT. I was moved to tears by just seeing these two brothers connect. As if nothing else in the world mattered, they just cared for eachother.

It was difficult. Nate really wanted to go, because it's what he loves to do. In that context I was happy for him. However, I didn't want to see him go. I knew I was going to miss him, because we've shared some kick - ass times together. In a large way I felt selfish, because I felt like I wanted to keep him from something he wanted to do. We toasted to him at dinner. I'll miss him.

Come back Nate. I need booze.