Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An interest in confusion

So it really feels like there is a void all of a sudden in my life... Nate partying up in montreal. It's going to be real weird... no more fun random stops at my house... no more late night romps just because. No more drunken rants... not for a while. I'm going to miss him more and more. I guess it's because It hasn't really sunk in that he's gone. I'm sure everyone's gone through such a phase, where it just seems like the person is real busy, and can't call you or e-mail you because they don't have time to sit, so you try to be understanding and in the back of your head you know you'll see them eventually? except SOON eventually? Eventually for seeing Nate is like 6 months... and it just hasn't sunk in yet.

It might be because my mind is preoccupied with something else... or should i say someone else? Well I never thought I'd get over my last relationship, which lasted for 1 and a half years, but I have gotten over it like... a month ago. We split up 2 months ago, and i think the reason that i got over her so fast, is that through about half the relationship, i didnt feel loved. Sure there was awesome times, don't get me wrong! ... but I am a person who needs love... who needs lots of understanding, who needs a lot of hugs, and a lot of care. I need someone who will call me and care to talk. Someone who will talk, someone who i can listen to, and someone who just is happy to be with me. This last girl didn't always seem that way, and I was desperately trying to hold on to the relationship for a long time, because i had faith and because I just love... that's what i do.

And now here's someone spectacular!:D This girl has the smile of an angel... she gets me everytime with her gaze. Her hugs are just like mine, cozy and warm. I haven't known her long, but we've already been out a couple times... i am pretty sure that she knows I have feelings for her... see i'm very excited to have someone who makes me feel loved, so I can never wait for her when she says "I'll call you". I almost always either e-mail her or text her first. It's just I feel that she's not as interested in me as i am in her... of course, it's just me being stupid, i'm not making assumptions. But you know how it is when one is falling for someone, they lose control kind of... It's like you're not the person you usually are. I mean you're the same, just you have a slower reaction time and your IQ drops about 40 points. You can't stop it, though! I know she's busy, so I understand that she can't always call me, or e-mail me or text me. I don't blame her. I jsut can never wait until i hear from her, no matter what i'm doing! It's terrible! I don't want to get annoying, i don't want her to see that i'm this clingy guy who needs attention... i just really enjoy talking to her, and want to do it more! I just felt like I needed to say that out loud. I shall now go wait for her to call me!