Saturday, July 29, 2006


Life... Ah how sweet

Well this is my first post on this Blogger-place... All my friends do it... so why not me? Ha HA...Peer pressure. ANYways, I have been working my job 24/7, and had no time to clean up my house... (my parents are out of town) and so I was planning to do that. Tomorrow. And that's also when i'll stop procrastinating. See, I love my Job, however, sometimes it gets REAL busy. I still love it then, the only thing i don't like doing is missing out on stuff, because I only get weekends off, and no long weekends. Coincidentally, that's when everyone is planning to do stuff! However, I still get to see 'em after 9, when I finish. So it's all good, but that means that I ususally stay up REAL late, and sleep REAL little. However, we must all be happy for what we have, so I am content. Considering especially that we always have a great time anyways. What is my job, you ask? Geinocologist.... wait... did i say that? I meant Car detailer... weird. I hope that wasn't a freuidian slip. But yeah, I detail cars at the coquitlam dealership. I got to drive a mustang. GT. Two words: KICK, and ASS.

Now, on to sally with the weather.