Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Surfer's Paradise

Ahoy everyone! Greg here from Surfer's Paradise! - Don't tell anyone, but it's no paradise for Surfer's. It's okay, though. Unfortunately for this post there wil be zero pictures. Zero (0) meaning none. This is 'cause I sat down at the kiosk, and pay my dollars, and stick my SD card into a mangled up slot. "It doesn't fit!" So maybe next time I'll update some pictures.

So, since my last update: I got into a different hostel, one in chinatown (I KNOW!), Brisbane. I spent the days walking around the town, because my hostel was overrun by this gang of Irish guys that did nothing but take up space. Noisily. The hostel really didn't do anything for socializing. Nobody really talked, even if talked to. Sure, there were a few people, but mabe the hair threw them off...

I spent a day going to the Koala sanctuary! Woo! It was really something. I got to hold one of the little buggers. They're real heavy! I didn't pay for the picture, 'cause it was 15 bucks, so I got to hold him for free. They must be trained to look at the camera, though, so my koala (Danny) was real confused, trying to pose. I'll have a picture at the next sanctuary I go to. I DO, however, have pictures of Kangaroos. This place actually should've been called the Lone Pine Kangaroo Sanctuary. You walk into this fenced off field, and there's tons 'em just hoppin around as if they're paid to! Actually, they're real lazy. They didn't hop around much, but you did get to feed and touch 'em. Real cool

Right now in surfer's paradise I'm chilling on the beach today. Tomorrow the plan is to go surfing for real. Yeah.

My hostel:
Back in Brisbane:
My biggest fan:
My second biggest fan:
Not a fan at all:
See what I mean:
I even gave the lousy bugger food:

Edit: there are now pictures on this post.