Sunday, February 22, 2009

On the beach.


Hello everyone. Paul doesn't actually have a third nipple, I'm just taking full advantage of Paul's gift to me. Thanks so much, paul, for your widget dedicated to me. So sweet. What a guy! Everyone give a round of applause for PAUL! Lets hear it! Now, on to business.

Today was the first day when I really noticed what it is that I'm doing. I'm a bajillion miles away from home, with only temporary friends (for now, wait till the serum kicks in... muahaha!) and dirty clothes with me. But I'm... loving it. Because I know I'll be back to see you all eventually. I know it's only been like 9 days or whatever, but it feels like 27,000. It's like that when you spend gobs of time on the beach, just reading and listening to music and laying in the sand. You know, important, business stuff. It just started raining. Hard. But that's okay, because it reminds me of vancouver. This was Surfer's earlier:
This is it now:
Cool, eh?

I've basically only been hanging around and lazing about, really. It's nice, I've got no obligations. I walk around town, talk to the people at the hostel. Eat. Sleep. Party. Read. And go back to the beach. Every day. I haven't been surfing yet, because as we can all see, I'm just so swamped with things to do. Like the amazing pasta I'm about to cook.

All the best to everyone: and now, a little smidgen of Polish to my family worldwide!

I teraz, Po Polsku!

Dzien dobry, rodzina! Rodzina wrzendzie. (oto wy, Babcia, Ciocie wrzystkie I inne polacy!) I ta regularna rodzina w kanadzie. Jezce nie bylem na desce, ale bende chyba pozniej. Czuie ze bylem tutaj juz 20 lat! I tylko teraz trafilo do mnie co ja robie. Ze jestem tak daleko od wrzystkiego na tak dlugo. Ale uwielbiam to! Bo teraz sie duzo lenie na plazy i nie duzo wiencei! Dzienkuje za wrzystkie pozdrowienia i bende pisal tak po polsku ile bende mugl. Kocham was!