Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great ocean road

First off, the Great Ocean Road IS great. So great that it's fantastic. Kaylen, Jarrod and I spent 4 days driving it, with it's windy, narrow roads. We stopped in many spots along the way, but, unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries on the first day. So these are all the pictures i have. Fortunately, Kay is a pro photographer, so her and her wicked camera got together and took some awesome pictures. She still has to upload them, so these are all the pictures for now. I didn't write many words in this post, because the ones i need to describe the GOR don't exist. And they won't. I guarantee it. I'm a little shocked because I've seen so many amazing things, yet I've seen so little of Australia. I'm definitely going back to the great ocean road. Maybe even live in Port Fairy for a while. Defenitely.

Po Polsku!
Great Ocean Road (po polsku jest wspaniala droga nad oceanem) to jest naprawde wspaniala. Nie mam za dozo zdiec, bo moja kamera wyczerpala sie drogiego dnia! Jarrod, Kaylen i ja spedzilismy 3 dni z Marylin na tych cretych, waskich drug. Bylo naprawde wsapniale. Tak dobrze ze ja chyba wroce i zrobie jesce raz.