Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Darth Fader

Flight for Edmonton trip: booked.

Paul and I went to the travel agent ('cause we wanted to) to book our tickets for our Edmonton trip. We leave on the 8th of November, and get back on the 15th in the morning. We're flying to Edmonton, then busing down to Calgary to visit Christine after a few days with Nate, then we're flying out of Calgary back to Vancouver. We went back to my house, and had Christine over for lunch again! We had some awesome sandwiches while we discussed Christine's superness at Squash. Even if she's not super compared to those around her, she's still super in our books. My foot is really asleep. We played some DiRT. Well, I played DiRT, and Paul watched. I'm fighting for the world record now, on this one track. I'm currently 5th in the world, and I KNOW I can make first. I'll try more later tomorrow.

My folks left an article about Children who are addicted to video games. I think they're trying to tell me something. This kid was in the article, and I thought he reminded me hillariously of me!

It was Chris' first day at Plateau Pizza today! It's so great to have him working there, 'cause finally I got to bring one of MY friends to the Pizza place. Before it was Chris bringing all his friends, so now I have a friend there too. Not that the other guys aren't my friends... *shifty eyes* He looked like he had a good time, he was delivering mostly. It's gonna be fun watching his first days... 'cause he'll get yelled at a lot.


Darek: So, Chris. Are you like the fader guy from the black side of the force?