Monday, January 12, 2009

Going to Australia

Dear Blog,

I know it is hard to hear from me after such a long time. I know I have changed in the time since we talked, but just sit down with me, and listen to my case for a little while. To be honest, There's been lots of time during which I could've talked to you, but I chose to take care of some things, because I felt like I wasn't ready to face you yet. Until now.

I left school, that wonderful place called studio 58. I realise it makes me seem like a quitter, that I don't try hard enough. But honestly, That place was not for me. I wasn't ready for it yet. I love it to death, and I still the memory stings that I don't have it anymore. But studio and I aren't ready to be together yet. Maybe we'll get back together sometime, if it can take me back, or if it hasn't been put off by the first impression it's gotten of me. Like you, it needs to give me a chance. That's all I can ask of you both.

I've taken some time for laziness, for sure. That I cannot deny. I've taken time fooling around, when I could've done things to forward my life. Productive things. But that is the past, and I have since then been kicked in the ass and put on the right track. I am going to Australia.

I've always wanted to go, to experience a place as wild as it always seems when its' even mentioned in a sentence. A continent that's also a country!? Who knew? So Australia beckons, and I straighten up, and strive headlong for her. I am heeding her call. The call I've heard for a long time. Because I don't want to look back my life in regret and say "what if?" I want it now! All of it! About a week ago I had a dream I was there, and since then I can't stop thinking about her. She's beautiful in my dream. I plan to go away in february, and worry not, dearest blog. I will find ways to love you and her at the same time.

The only one you could ever love like you used to,