Saturday, July 19, 2008

Colorado Post 1

Hey Goons! I'm in Colorado right now!

Well, I miss you all terribly, BUT. I have been having fun. I love it out here, just away from everything.. and with the parents. Sigh. I've been biking a bit with my new baby, who I've christened Ashley, but there hasn't been much awesome riding to be had. I've been mostly hiking and reading... and there may or may not be a lot of eating happening. We basically take a night or two max in one spot, and transport ourselves to a new locale. I love it out here, 'cause there's not much to do, I can basically do what I want (except drink legally and skydive). The first segment of the trip, was the Dinosaur monument in Utah, really unimpressive compared to the drumheller one in Alberta, but I got to see a REAL Allosaurus skull, because I was so nice and asked the tour guide with a bat of my eyelashes. Too easy, really. Next we stopped and visited colorado national monument, and I had the best echo of my life. After that we stopped at a ski town called Telluride. It's like a micro Whistler, and It's up at 10,400 feet. Had a little bit of biking done there, but their trail was very rocky and unkempt, with only a few smooth sections. Gotta get a chain guide for my bike... I've been desparately searching for one. Then, the next awesome spot was Mesa Verde. There's ancient villages left after the Navajo people made homes there. After visiting The valley of the Gods, and Monument Valley, we're in Durango. Internet here is sparse, so I'll post when I can. I also have to fight my whole family for the one laptop. There's a little blood.