Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to what happens when someone goes to Studio 58. I'm finally fed up with not sharing stuff that's happened, that I am making time to make this post. I really should be working on my acting project due tomorrow, or on my next two play projects due in 2 weeks, or on the english essay due on monday... but that's stuff is obsolete compared to the way I feel about this school. I want to hug it, and love it, and make it hot chocolate and sit with it by the fire. I'm actually excited every morning to go to school, I learn so much every day. Let's take a couple weeks back. The standard day starts at 5:30am. I wake up. At 6:45 I'm at the bus stop, and at 8:30 I start english. At 9:30, more likely than not, is acting class, then we have physical theatre, movement, voice and on wednesdays, Choir. We had crew calls, which are basically calls to help out with the play. I'm on costume crew, and we're responisble for making sure the actors aren't naked. I had to sew and stuff. On those days, I'd be at school till 9, 9:30. Here are some pics of my crew.
Today it took me two hours to get home. So even though i ended at 3:15, I got home at 6. But I am not complaining at ALL. I love this school. Okay, last week, I was really feeling pressure. The teachers are so direct with their criticism, and it is for my own benefit, and I can deal with it, but after I haven't gotten a single positive response for a while, I got kinda desparate. I finally said, whatevs', let's kick it into high gear. See, I didnt even feel like I had a chance to show my true abilities and talents in class, so I was feeling down, because I didn't feel my potential was being realised, blah blah blag. So. this week, has been amazing. I'm finally showing my true colors, and making people laugh again. I even got my teacher to say "good". I KNOW! :D But more than that was the fact that I felt satisfied with something that I did, and fear wasn't ruling me in class. Tomorrow, we've got a presentation of a precious character. And I'm presenting Darek, who, some of you may remember, is my boss. I'm completely excited about this, and can't wait to call myself dum-dum. Things are going great. Movement class requires a quite elaborate getup, but the reward is stretches that are making me a foot taller and amazing yoga for an hour and a half a day. In voice, we all trip out at these amazing things we're learning, like this video.

So, although I miss getting to see everyone, and I'm missing a special person who lives kinda far away who's hungry for gelato right now and who's name MIGHT be Christine. Throughout those things, I am having the time of my life. I honestly see myself getting through this school, although times are tough. And I realised a week ago that I'm going to do whatever it takes for this dream to be a reality. I love you all, and just to prove it, you guys are lucky enough for me to post a gorgeous picture of what I wear to movement every day.